Switching is Easy

Keep your phone numbers

If you already have phone service, OneSource will make all of the arrangements to transfer your numbers from the Phone Company to the OneSource system. You will not experience any down-time and there is never a charge for transferring your numbers.

No equipment to purchase or maintain

OneSource provides everything you need with no up-front charges. When you switch to OneSource, we will replace your old telephones with new state-of-the-art telephones with all of the latest features. If you ever have a problem with one of your phones OneSource will replace it immediately without any expense to you.

No equipment to take up space

You won’t need to dedicate space in your office to accommodate a phone system.

Customized for your business

We will work with you to understand your business. Using this information we will customize the OneSource solution to meet the specific communication requirements of your business. As your business changes and develops just let us know. We will make any programming changes you need at no cost to you.

Keeping up with the technology is not your problem anymore

OneSource Telecom keeps up with the technology. As new features are developed OneSource will upgrade the system and deliver these features to you.

Customer service is outstanding

When you call OneSource for help, your call will be answered by a real live person. Changes to your phone service are completed in hours not days and programming changes are free.
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Your Invoice is easy to read and understand

We don’t confuse you with a bunch of strange taxes and fees. In fact most of our invoices only have 4 or 5 line items.