Advantages of OneSource Telecom

Keep your phone numbers

If you already have phone service, OneSource will make all of the arrangements to transfer your numbers from the Phone Company to the OneSource system. You will not experience any down-time and there is never a charge to transfer your numbers.

No equipment to purchase or maintain

OneSource provides everything you need with no up-front charges. We replace your old telephones with new state-of-the-art telephones with all of the latest features. If you ever have a problem with one of your phones, OneSource will replace it immediately without any expense to you.

Free Programming Changes

If you ever need to change anything about the way the OneSource system works for you, just let us know. We’ll make the change within a few hours (many times within minutes) at no charge.

Keeping up with the technology is not your problem anymore

As new features are developed OneSource will upgrade the system and deliver these features to you.

Your invoice is easy to read and understand

We don’t confuse you with a bunch of strange taxes and fees. In fact, most invoices only have 4 or 5 line items.