The Boys & Girls Club of Georgetown is a non-profit business.  As such,  it is imperative that we not only receive quality service, but it is of a reasonable price as well. OneSource Telecom was able to deliver both of these and more.  Our experience with OneSource has been nothing short of fabulous. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to upgrade to a quality phone service.

Daniel Anstee
Boys & Girls Club of Georgetown

“OneSource has provided excellent service for our Susan G. Komen Austin office for several years. They are very responsive and they stand behind their products. OneSource has the solutions and the expertise to help us run effectively and efficiently. I trust OneSource. I know they are always looking out for our best interest.”

Jeannine O’Deens
Susan G. Komen Austin

The Georgetown Palace Theatre is a small non-profit, and as such change and expense are always of concern because change involves a time commitment and learning curve and expense involves an already tight budget. Our phone communication system was working, but was entirely out-of-date and completely inefficient. Enter stage right,  Darryl McCalmont of OneSource Telecom! Not only was he able to work in our budget, but he was incredibly patient during the teaching and transition process. He handled our drama with good-natured humor and we could not be happier with the end product. We are able to communicate much more efficiently and clearly within our own staff and are providing much a much higher level of customer service to our patrons.  OneSource Telecom is the hero of our story!

Marissa Austin
Georgetown Palace Theatre

We have been a customer of OneSource Telecom since 2009.  OneSource helped us to seamlessly connect two offices as if they were one. OneSource’s response to any service requests have been handled quickly and professionally.  The call reports we receive automatically from the OneSource system have really helped us monitor our sales staff.  Best of all we got all of this for much less than we were currently spending with the phone company.  We highly recommend OneSource Telecom.

Wendye Mire
Chuck Saxon Allstate Insurance

“As our business grew, we needed to add a few additional phone lines. We got a quote from the phone company, and it was outrageous. We started shopping for an alternative. We found out about OneSource from our building landlord. The OneSource installation team was in and out of our office in a couple of hours. During their short stay, they replaced all our phones, customized the phones to meet our specific needs and provided our employees with training on how to use them. We now have access to an unlimited number of phone lines at a price that was actually lower than what we were paying the phone company.

With OneSource we are able to personalize our phones. When we need something changed, I just call or send an email, and within minutes the changes are made. We love the voice mail to email feature. It really helps us communicate with our customers especially after business hours. I would recommend OneSource Telecom for businesses of all sizes looking to upgrade their telephone systems.”

Tiernie Bauer

“When we switched our telephone service to OneSource Telecom, the technician that installed our new system was very knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. Since then our company has grown and we have had many changes. OneSource Telecom has been a valued Business Partner every step of the way. When we have questions about our service we contact OneSource and our questions are answered right away.

We love the features of the OneSource System. We especially like receiving our voice mail messages in our email inbox. I recently told a caller that our employee would receive his voice mail message via email. The customer replied, “Wow, You really are a high tech company!”. That made me feel great.”

Tara Miller
Tengo Internet