Standard Features

Direct Inward Dialing

With OneSource Telecom every telephone in your office has a unique phone number. Calls can be routed directly to the employee’s desk, bypassing the receptionist or Automated Attendant.

Voicemail to Email Notification

You can choose to receive an email notifying you whenever you receive a new voice mail message. If you wish, you can receive the message as a wav file attachment that you can play through the speakers on your computer. You can store the voice mail message on your PC or forward the message to anyone with an email address.

VPN Remote Phone

With OneSource you can have a VOIP Phone that you can plug into any high-speed internet connection anywhere and enjoy the exact same features and functions as you do with your office phone. The phone looks and acts just like your desk phone. You can intercom and transfer calls to other users on the system and they can do the same for you.

Unlimited Lines

The OneSource Telecom system is equipped to handle your busiest call volume. Your employees will always have access to an outside line, and your callers will never get a busy signal.

Conference Calling

You can conference up to 5 parties on a conference call. It is simple to do, and the audio quality is crystal clear.

Follow-me Forwarding

With OneSource Telecom you can choose to forward your desk phone to an external number like a cell phone. With this feature you will never miss an important call again.

Optional Features

One-Number Access

Your extension can be programmed to ring your cell phone simultaneously whenever your desk phone rings. If you answer on your cell phone, you can transfer the call to your desk phone with the press of a button. With this feature you truly have one-number access for your callers.

Fax to Email

When a caller sends a fax to your dedicated fax number, the OneSource system will convert the fax into a pdf image and email it to you. This feature allows you to save, archive or forward faxes to anyone with an email address.

Call Recording

With a press of a button you can record any conversation. The recorded call will be delivered as a voice mail message as soon as your call is complete.

Call Reports

You can receive customized call reports automatically. These reports are emailed to you daily, weekly or monthly. Use these reports to monitor the call activity of your employees.